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FRAUD IS:  Any intentional deception designed to deprive the United States unlawfully of something of value or to secure from the United States for an individual a benefit, privilege, allowance, or consideration to which he or she is not entitled. Such practices include, but are not limited to: the offer, payment, or acceptance of bribes or gratuities; making false statements; submitting false claims; using false weights or measures; evading or corrupting inspectors or other officials; deceit either by suppressing the truth or misrepresenting material fact; adulterating or substituting materials; falsifying records and books or accounts; arranging for secret profits, kickbacks, or commissions; and conspiring to use any of these devices. The term also includes conflict of interest cases, criminal rregularities, and the unauthorized disclosure of official information relating to procurement and disposal matters.

WASTE IS:  The extravagant, careless, or needless expenditure of Government funds, or the consumption of Government property that results from deficient practices, systems, controls, or decisions. The term also includes improper practices not involving prosecutable fraud.

ABUSE IS:  Intentional or improper use of Government resources. Examples include misuse of rank, position, or authority or misuse of resources such as tools, vehicles, or copying machines.

Fraud, waste, and abuse may be reported through your supervisory chain, to any Inspector General office, or directly to the Department of Defense HOTLINE.

Hotline phone numbers graphic, text version listed below
Department of Defense Hotline for Waste, Fraud and Abuse Reporting call 800-424 9098 (tool free)
or write:
Defense Hotline, The Pentagon, Washington, D.C., 20301-1900

Identities of writers and callers fully protected.